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Meet Erica

Meet Erica

Massage Therapist & Healing Technician

Erica is an experienced and talented massage therapist, but Erica's mission goes far beyond massage therapy. Erica is a healer and practices energetic healing and pain reconditioning during her sessions.  She does this by combining her extensive education and training with her intuitive nature. In doing this, she tracks where the pain is really coming from and how emotion affects pain. 

"Ever since I was a child, growing up in Brazil, I knew I was meant to be a healer, but for me, massage therapy and the healing arts seemed like an impossible dream. I had my own mental block that wouldn't allow me to believe I could help someone heal."

Luckily, in 2014, Erica decided to overcome the blocks she had created for herself and began massage therapy education and training at the nationally renowned Lauterstein Conway Massage School in Austin, TX. After graduating, she worked for over five years at a chiropractic clinic.

In October of 2019, after spending the summer in Brazil on a spiritual journey, Erica decided to start her own business. While she loved her time at the medical clinic, she wanted to concentrate on each person with the attention they deserved. 

Why Massage for Healing

 Massage helps stimulate the motion of the intestine, and its contents, to move along more quickly. Also, massage helps the body rid itself of toxins, and increases the release of enzymes, both of which are essential for healthy digestion.

Pain Management

Helping to reduce pain is why most people seek massage therapy. Massage helps to relax painful muscles, tendons, and joints; relieve stress and anxiety; and can help recondition your pain by stimulating competing nerve fibers and impending pain messages to and from the brain. 


 Massage helps lower anxiety and improve sleep in people who suffer from an illness that causes intense fatigue, e.g. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and adrenal fatigue. It also can help anyone suffering from other forms of fatigue or insomnia.

Body Management

While massage doesn't cause weight loss directly, it does improve the condition of the skin, keeping it firm, reducing cellulite, fluid retention, and stretch marks. It can also indirectly help weight management by reducing stress and helping you find your mind/body connection. 


Massage helps to promote blood flow and improves circulation to tissues, muscles, and all the organs of the body. The toxins that lie between the cells are flushed out, and the massage helps to jump-start the lymphatic system which is vital for natural toxin removal. 


Relaxation is the second most common reason to seek a massage. Stress can cause a myriad of physical health problems beyond tension and anxiety. Studies have shown that massage:

  • Reduces your stress hormone levels by 30 percent

  • And increase serotonin and dopamine levels by 28 and 21 percent

Decreasing stress has a positive impact on your overall physical and mental health.​

Why Massage as a Healing Therapy?

It can help with




Let me lead in by qualifying my opinion. For over 25 years I’ve had massage no less than 3 times a month and at least 90-minute sessions. I’ve literally been worked on by well over 100 massage therapists on 4 continents. Erica is very capable and has a great intuitive ability. I’d characterize it as she’s doing what she was meant to do. It is very rare that a therapist can impress me on my first massage. Erika needed little guidance and was excellent all around. She understands the body and how facia is integral to a quality massage. Whether you are looking for an occasional relaxing massage or have routine therapeutic needs, I’d highly recommend her services. I intend to continue to use her services when I travel to Austin.

— Damon V.


Healing Services

All massages come with complementary essential oils and heat*.  

Services available at Sacred Owl's location or I can travel to your home, office, or site of your choice, which is available for a flat $50 service fee* for up to 25 miles roundtrip. 

*Heat available at Sacred Owl Massage location only. CBD salve not included in essential oils offer.

*Please call 512-766-0611 if you are more than 25 miles roundtrip from our main location, 8100 Forest Mesa, 78759. 

Couples Massage

Couples Massage

At Sacred Owl Massage, the couple's massage is performed one after the other, instead of simultaneously. This way, you can enjoy a special day with your partner, friend, or family member, while relaxing at your home or other place of your choice. This is why site travel is highly recommended with the couples massage, and only available as site travel during most hours. Call or email for more information. 

Reconnect, relax and rejuvenate with a loved one = the perfect day.


A couples massage can be a great way to enhance a relationship. Engaging in quality time, lowering stress and anxiety, and strengthening commitment and intimacy are all ways to reinforce bonds. Partners often chose a couples massage as part of a day of romance, however it's also normal to opt for this treatment with a friend or family member, especially for special occasions.


Essential oil treatments are included with every massage. Heat is included at the Sacred Owl location. Site travel is a $50 fee.

Your Pain Free Life Starts Here

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8100 Forest Mesa Dr, Austin 78759

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